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NuSpine chiropractors have a higher income potential.

Lower Operating costs

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With a lucrative, cash-based business model!

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So, why NuSpine Chiropractic Franchise?

NuSpine is transforming the way a business can grow and thrive in the chiropractic franchise industry. Simple and Profitable is the point. If it can be streamlined, it has been streamlined. With limited staff needed, significantly reduced overhead and operational hassles, NuSpine is quite possibly the simplest and most profitable business model in the healthcare space.

Simple From Start to Finish

Simple clinic structure and licensing

Simple and efficient support through the entire opening and operating processes

Simple clinic design and experience that draw and retain patients

Simple Management

  • 2-6 employee
  • No Inventory required
  • Electronic paperwork, POS, CRM, and franchise intranet in place
  • Proprietary Software

Profitable Model

Average sales is at an outstanding ratio to total initial investment in comparison to other investment opportunities

Growing units and expanding to other territories is entirely possible

Cash based business model allows for smoother and more affordable operations

Lower overhead and 100% collections on services enhances potential for significant profit

Investments & Costs:

The total investment estimate to launch and begin operating your chiropractic franchise ranges from $177,900 to $283,750 (2021 FDD). With the help of vendors and simple buildout plans, NuSpine’s opening and operating costs are significantly lower than other franchise options.

$178k – $284k

Total Investment


Minimum liquid capital


Franchise Fee


Net Worth Needed

Your steps to begin!

Step 1

Contact a rep to begin the process.

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Step 2

Complete application, due diligence, & business overview.

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Step 3

It's official: You're a nuspine franchise!

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Our Brand promise to you:


Chiropractic franchise Owners deserve investments they can count on. NuSpine’s promise is to pursue excellence in planning for long term growth and sustainability. To remain a leader in the cash-based healthcare industry, and in our communities, through our relationships with our employees and franchisees. Through making health care affordable and accessible to all, NuSpine Chiropractic intends to lead the way. We reward excellence and we always cherish loyalty. We will work with our employees and franchisees to build strong businesses and a secure future.

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A commitment to values of hard work, integrity, passion, and generosity is our promise to you. This platform of core beliefs starts with our commitment to our employees and our franchisees. At NuSpine Chiropractic, our mission is to provide a culture and business model that nurtures individual growth for our employees and franchisees, and creates an atmosphere where franchisees succeed and patients get access to quality care. We care about our franchisees and their business, and strive to create a place where they are inspired to grow and succeed. Our relationships with our franchisees are so important.

Become an area rep:

Do you have sales experience and are looking for an investment opportunity? For a low cost of entry, you could join our network of area representatives to help grow the brand in prime markets across the country.

Discover NuSpine

What is NuSpine Franchise?

NuSpine is a fast growing chiropractic franchise with a purpose of providing a valuable service to a massive demand in a new, exciting way. NuSpine Chiropractic is delivering chiropractic services the way that patients want it delivered. By providing access to...

History of NuSpine

History of NuSpine NuSpine was founded in 2013 by Dr. Todd Hedlund in Lincoln Nebraska with a goal of providing care to the 90% of the population that wasn’t utilizing chiropractic services.  Local surveying, paired with commonly known facts from national...

What It Costs To Get Open

Breaking Down The Costs Of NuSpine NuSpine is an easy franchise to open due to its low initial cost, simple buildouts, and top notch vendor relationships that make ordering and setup simple and easy. With an investment of only $177,900 to $283,750 (2021 FDD) you can...

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