WHy NuSpine

What You Get

NuSpine’s chiropractic franchise offering is to provide everything you’ll need to be successful in a chiropractic business. From location planning, to pre-opening, to launch, to operations, to marketing, and ongoing support, you’ll have everything you’ll need. 

We’re committed to not just give you the stuff, but guiding you through the process to owning a profitable business and get a quality return on your investment for years to come.

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NuSpine Clinics achieve success quickly and consistently for a number of reasons. First, our operations and pricing model allow more consistent monthly growth. By employing a monthly subscription based pricing model our clinics are poised to attract, educate, impress and compound growth from month to month. As you add new members your monthly revenue continues to climb month after month. Studies show that consumers in 2020 rank Affordability, Convenience, Friendly Staff, Convenient Payment Options, and Quality of Service as the primary drivers in loyalty to a business. NuSpine’s business model is based on each of these!

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How You Make Money

In addition to our successful pricing model we differentiate from the rest of the industry in some drastic ways:

1. Affordability

By implementing our subscription based pricing model, we’re able to offer care at a reasonable out of pocket price and maintain a lucrative business simultaneously.

If you have:

The BEST Insurance Available

The WORST Insurance Available

NO Insurance At All

NuSpine is the most affordable care patients will find anywhere!

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The chiropractic industry has made it difficult to get consistent care. Awkward hours, difficult appointment times, non-retail locations, and long appointments make getting care far too inconvenient. NuSpine has fixed those problems. Accessible hours, walk-ins welcome, easy to find retail locations, and quick speed of service make NuSpine the most convenient choice for patients.

Retail Locations

Evening and Weekend Hours

Maximum 15 minute visits

Online Payments and Check-Ins

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The common chiropractic clinic is predictable and, well, common. 45 minute appointments, sterile and cold vibes, and impersonal interactions make going to the chiropractor too ordinary. NuSpine strives to give patients an impressive experience every time!

Licensed Chiropractors

Quality Adjustments

Specific Treatment Packages

Hydrotherapy Treatment

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We aren’t suggesting that other doctors aren’t quality in their care. We are only saying that NuSpine has created operations that ensure quality care to every patient that is dictated on their need for care, not on their insurance policy.

You can see how through a successful business model, an attractive patient experience, and first-class franchise support you’re able to build and maintain a highly successful franchise business and get an above average return on investment!

Staff that Make Your Experience Memorable

Doctors that Care

Fully Transparent Pricing

Treatment Plans that Cater to Your Needs

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Ownership Options

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A Top Performing Industry

Takeaways: Franchises work.

It’s time we take the chiropractic franchise industry to the next level.

Franchise Industry

One of the fastest-growing industries across all business sectors

Growing quickly because FRANCHISING WORKS!

Franchises generate $1.2 trillion in yearly sales

Chiropractic Industry

One of the most stable and fastest-growing economic sectors in the U.S. and worldwide

The U.S. chiropractic market is currently valued at $1.5 billion

Americans spent $90 billion on treatments related to back pain in the last year

Do You Qualify?


  • We’re seeking people who want to own successful franchises.
  • Our franchisees must believe in our brands and our concepts.
  • We’re not looking to sell stores…we’re looking to partner with smart people who want to build a business together.
  • A minimum net worth of $300K, with liquid assets of at least $100K, is required.
  • Previous business ownership is not needed, but some leadership background is a must.
  • Our potential franchisees must believe in and appreciate the franchise concept.
  • They must understand the restrictions that owning a franchise brings, but also enjoy the freedom from having to figure out all the details of a business, both before opening, and going forward.