What Our Franchise Partners Are Saying

“I have been researching chiropractic and wellness franchises for the past 6 years and was interested in joining a team that had a proven track record of success. With my background in multiple different corporate and sole proprietorships, I knew that finding the right team to develop and educate its franchisees was a must in the business world when it boils down to small business ownership. When I first heard about the NU Spine franchise I thought it would be a perfect fit for my future and I wanted to be a part of the growth opportunities that laid ahead. With the leadership group that was in place, I felt that the background they had in franchising was exactly what I had been looking for. Being on the ground floor to help develop the brand, drive best practices to the local franchisees, and to be able to continue my passion for coaching and mentoring individuals were some of my deciding factors to investing in the NU Spine team at such an early stage. I look forward to creating a real value for the team and promoting the brand not just as a business but a way of life.”

Chris Keller

“Having been in practice since 1998, I’ve seen many different models of chiropractic. The NuSpine concept was very attractive to me because it provides top-rate chiropractic adjustments and other services that are both affordable and convenient for the patients.”

Dr. Marvin Lee:

“The idea of being able to see a chiropractor in under twenty minutes and for a low, reasonable cost is needed these days. People are busy and they are looking for care that allows them to feel great on a budget and on a tight schedule. NuSpine allows for this in an intriguing fashion. Great layout. Simple systems. A proven model in a proven industry.”

Joe Miller

“We’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of convenient, affordable chiropractic services. We also know from our ownership, in other similar concepts, that NuSpine is a better approach. We are very impressed by NuSpine’s enhanced patient focus on all levels. The deciding factor for us to get involved was the NuSpine team, from the first adjustment I received from Dr. Todd Hedlund, to the comprehensive infra-structure already developed by Aaron Hedlund, to the experience of the corporate support team, to the fact that John Leonesio (former founder of Massage Envy and the CEO of The Joint Corp.) sits on NuSpine’s board.”

Richard Rees