Here’s How We Find the Best Locations

NuSpine partners with a highly experienced master broker that connects with local brokers all over the nation to find and sign on the best locations with the best terms possible.

Caliber Commercial Real Estate is a dedicated master broker with decades of experience analyzing data, finding the best specifications and co-tenants, and assisting in LOI and Lease negotiations.

Simple and Easy Buildout Process

Our dedicated staff has built a development process guided by step by step tasks to efficiently and simply get your clinic open without missing a thing. Having a central interactive worksheet that allows for multiple parties to participate helps keep the process efficient, concise, and successful!

Let’s bring a NuSpine to your market now!

With an investment of only $177,900 to $283,750 (2021 FDD) you can quickly see how this low cost investment can yield a high potential for returns. Due to lower cost of build out and equipment than a typical health care facility, expediting time to cash flow and getting a quality return on investment is potentially much faster than other options.

*See our Franchise Disclosure Document for more information on fees, initial investment costs, and other financial information.