How an entrepreneur went from recent graduate to successful franchise owner


How does an entrepreneur and mother of two go from exiting chiropractic school with no job to being a successful business owner? For Dr. Heather Zach, a single-unit franchisee with NuSpine, the answer is simpler than you may think: a hard worker with a proven system can achieve big things.

Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Dr. Heather Zach began her career in a NuSpine Chiropractic franchise clinic. She hadn’t had any prior experience in the professional world as a chiropractor and was looking for a good situation for her and her two sons. NuSpine was looking for a hungry, humble, smart doctor to step in and run one of their corporate owned clinics. Dr. Zach found the position attractive and went to work.

“Lincoln is a great town to settle down and raise a family, but it’s tough for a chiropractor.” Zach says. “I knew it was a place I’d like to be but it’s very saturated with chiropractors and getting started isn’t any easy thing for a doctor right out of school. But when I found the open position at NuSpine I was convinced it was going to work for me and provide future opportunities.”

The secret to NuSpine’s ongoing success is that the business model is incredibly simple and convenient for doctors and patients alike. Chiropractic of the past hasn’t been those things. NuSpine set out to provide an affordable option that was both accessible and convenient. Their walk-in concept, affordable care plan options, easy to access retail locations, and extended hours make the concept highly successful for doctors of any age.

“NuSpine’s business model couldn’t be simpler to operate,” Zach says. “With NuSpine, I now have one staff member that works very close with me and is committed to the goals and vision that we have for our franchise business. Throughout chiropractic school, we were always warned of the headaches of insurance operations and managing staff members and all the other things entailed in running a small business. I feel lucky to have bypassed a lot of those things on my way to a successful business.”

Since joining the NuSpine team as an associate chiropractor, Dr. Zach has since purchased her own franchise clinic and is running the show at her own office in Lincoln, NE. She’s found that being a franchisee with NuSpine is without a doubt the best way to go in the chiropractic profession. NuSpine is far more profitable that traditional chiropractic businesses. With the subscription based business model, simple and easy operations, and incredible corporate support, NuSpine clinics can achieve returns that far exceed those of traditional chiropractic clinics.

“So long as I stick to the franchise systems and take the counsel of the franchise staff, each month is better than the last,” Zach says. “I always assumed there would be a limit to the things a doctor could achieve in chiropractic, but with the NuSpine model I only see continued upward growth. Continuing to grow this clinic to better numbers and expanding to other offices feels very possible and not at all overwhelming. If I had to do this in one of the other chiropractic models, I’d be pulling my hair out.”
Dr. Zach sees the incredible value of what NuSpine can provide to other doctors and business owners and wants to spread the word.

“The amount of money that gets spent in pursuit of health and wellness is mind blowing and I believe we haven’t even scratched the surface of what chiropractic is capable of doing for people. Not to mention this more affordable, accessible method of delivery will unlock more and more potential. Chiropractors and business owners looking for investment and wealth building opportunities should certainly be looking into NuSpine Chiropractic.”


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