Chiropractic Is The Industry For You

American doesn’t like pain!

We agree!  Pain should not be dictating how we live our lives.  Not only that!  Pain relief and proactive wellness shouldn’t be so expensive and difficult to achieve. 

80% of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives and hundreds of millions of Americans are in a state of health that fosters pain (obesity, high sugar diets, poor posture, etc.). 

All this being true, the chiropractic industry, according to the ACA, has managed to earn 10.6% of the population utilizing its services, while more than 65% of Americans sought neck and back pain remedies, according to a Gallup poll.  NuSpine is one of a small percentage of operators in the industry that is innovating their model to bring more people to the profession.

The market is growing, yet no single brand controls more than 2% of the market.  There is room for NuSpine and our model is the future of the industry.

Let’s bring a NuSpine to your market now!

With an investment of only $177,900 to $283,750 (2021 FDD) you can quickly see how this low cost investment can yield a high potential for returns.  Due to lower cost of build out and equipment than a typical health care facility, expediting time to cash flow and getting a quality return on investment is potentially much faster than other options.

*See our Franchise Disclosure Document for more information on fees, initial investment costs, and other financial information.