Chiropractic Franchise Case Study: How a Doctor Purchased Her Own Clinic Less Than a Year after Graduation

How does an entrepreneur and mother of two children go from graduating chiropractic school, with no job lined up, and then become a successful independent business owner?

By starting a chiropractic franchise practice with a company that helped her build her business framework, provided her with the tools to succeed, and continues to support her!

Meet our hero, Dr. Heather Zach.

Going through chiropractic school, Dr. Zach wanted to graduate and start helping people with her own chiropractic business.

But there was a problem.

She had absolutely zero experience in starting or running a business. She knew there would be issues with insurance, staff management, and a host of other problems before she could even dream of actually owning and running her own clinic.

She wanted to run her own business, but she knew she did not have the knowledge or skills to make this dream a reality.

And she dreaded the alternative: spending her career working for someone else at their pay, their schedule, and their company.

That’s when she discovered the Nuspine chiropractic franchise model!

Joining the Nuspine franchise meant that she received coaching and training on every single step of creating her own business; from outfitting the office to running payroll.

This allowed her to focus on what she really wanted to do: growing her own local customer base while being her own boss!

As a result of the training and coaching she received, she was able to purchase her own franchise business and be a successful business owner in less than a year!

If you are in a similar situation as Dr. Zach where you want to be independent, but you just don’t know where to start, then here are the 5 ways Nuspine Chiropractic will help you begin your own successful chiropractic franchise:

1. JumpStart Guide

One of the biggest roadblocks to starting your own business is all the red tape and legalities that go with.

How do you set up a business entity? What taxes do you have to worry about? Are you following all the rules and codes?

When Dr. Zach came to NuSpine Chiropractic, she was given the JumpStart Guide which walked her through every aspect of the business from start to finish. Some of the big items covered were

  • How to legally start and structure her business following all the IRS laws and codes.
  • Assistance in hiring legal and accounting help to get her business on its feet quickly.
  • Timeline to order equipment, supplies, signs, and other materials necessary to ensure a successful start.

2. Build out phase to set up the office

After the business was officially licensed and ready to get started, the next part to tackle was establishing the physical space and setting it up.

NuSpine Chiropractic helped Dr. Zach by guiding her in the following:

  • Helping her choose the correct location and building.
  • Assisting her in purchasing the necessary equipment, including chiropractic equipment and office supplies
  • Help in establishing all the technology, programs, and IT necessary for her practice to run smoothly.

3. Pre-sale guide to establish marketing and sales

We all know that you can have the perfect location, perfect office furniture, and everything perfectly in place. But when you officially open for business, if no one shows up, then it’s not worth a whole lot.

That’s where NuSpine helped Dr. Zach in the third stage of going through pre-sales marketing.

  • A Pre-Opening Guide which walked her through generating patients and selling memberships before the store even opened!
  • Assisting with social media advertising to target the local community and her ideal candidates.
  • Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management so she had revenue on Opening Day.

4. Staff training and on-site launch training

Dr. Zach’s office was getting ready for launch day, and with her pre-marketing and sales work she had over a hundred patients ready when she opened.

The next step was having a staff who could help her grow the business, and getting ready for the big launch day.

So how could NuSpine Chiropractic help her with this?

  • Helping her hire the right staff.
  • Providing training to both Dr. Zach and her staff on best practices in running her clinic and business.
  • Requiring that Dr. Zach went through extensive franchisee and doctor training in order to be certified to own and operate a NuSpine clinic.
  • Coming to the physical site and giving practical training on setting up and going through a successful launch.

5. Ongoing help after the launch

After her launch and opening day, Dr. Zach hasn’t been looking back since! !

Now that her business is running well, how does NuSpine Chiropractic continue to support her?

  • Ongoing consults from the NuSpine staff to answer questions and make sure things continue to go well.
  • Marketing advice and tips to keep her aware of marketing trends and best practices.
  • Resources from NuSpine on legal or chiropractic changes that she should know for her practice.
  • Continued updates to operations and sales in order to maximize revenue.

Dr. Zach went from graduating chiropractic school to owning her own successful franchise in under a year! She worked hard, persevered, and made good business decisions; even though she had no business experience.

So what was her key to success?

Partnering with NuSpine Chiropractic who walked her through every step of the way.

So what about you?

Are you thinking about becoming your own boss and starting your own practice? Are you worried about all the details and things that need to be done before you can be open for business?

You don’t have to be on your own.

NuSpine Chiropractic will help you on your to independence and success; just like we helped Dr. Zach. Contact us today to start your journey toward owning your own clinic!