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Why NuSpine Chiropractic Franchise

NuSpine is transforming the way a business can grow and thrive in the chiropractic franchise industry. Simple and Profitable is the point. If it can be streamlined, it has been streamlined. With limited staff needed, significantly reduced overhead and operational hassles, NuSpine is quite possibly the simplest and most profitable business model in the healthcare space.

Become an Area Representative

Do you have sales experience and are looking for an investment opportunity?  For a low cost of entry, you could join our network of area representatives to help grow the brand in prime markets across the country.  

Top Reasons to Join NuSpine

Let’s look at why NuSpine is the more attractive franchise option for investors and doctors like you:

Simple From Start To Finish

Simple clinic structure and licensing


Simple and efficient support through the entire opening and operating processes

Simple clinic design and experience that draw and retain patients

Simple Management

  • 2-6 employee
  • No Inventory required
  • Electronic paperwork, POS, CRM, and franchise intranet in place
  • Proprietary Software

Profitable Model

Average sales is at an outstanding ratio to total initial investment in comparison to other investment opportunities


Growing units and expanding to other territories is entirely possible


Cash based business model allows for smoother and more affordable operations


Lower overhead and 100% collections on services enhances potential for significant profit


Investment & Costs

The total investment estimate to launch and begin operating your chiropractic franchise ranges from $177,900 to $283,750 (2021 FDD). With the help of vendors and simple buildout plans, NuSpine’s opening and operating costs are significantly lower than other franchise options.

Total investment in USD

Franchise Fee in USD

Minimum Liquid Capital in USD

Net Worth Needed in USD

Download Franchise Information Packet

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What You Get

NuSpine’s chiropractic franchise offering is to provide everything you’ll need to be successful in a chiropractic business. From location planning, to pre-opening, to launch, to operations, to marketing, and ongoing support, you’ll have everything you’ll need. Click here to take a look at the list of things you’ll receive as a NuSpine Franchisee:

  • Documentation Suite
    • Jumpstart Guide
    • Pre-Opening Guide
    • Marketing Guide
    • Social Media Guide
    • Grand Opening Guide
    • Operations Guide
  • Company Intranet Site
  • Training for Franchisees, Doctors, and Staff
  • Ongoing Support & Consultations
  • Access to Discounted Vendors
  • Proprietary Software to Manage the Clinic

We’re committed to not just give you the stuff, but guiding you through the process to owning a profitable business and get a quality return on your investment for years to come.

NuSpine Clinics achieve success quickly and consistently for a number of reasons. First, our operations and pricing model allow more consistent monthly growth. By employing a monthly subscription based pricing model our clinics are poised to attract, educate, impress and compound growth from month to month. As you add new members your monthly revenue continues to climb month after month.  Studies show that consumers in 2020 rank Affordability, Convenience, Friendly Staff, Convenient Payment Options, and Quality of Service as the primary drivers in loyalty to a business.  NuSpine’s business model is based on each of these!

How You Make Money


In addition to our successful pricing model we differentiate from the rest of the industry in some drastic ways:


 By implementing our subscription based pricing model, we’re able to offer care at a reasonable out of pocket price and maintain a lucrative business simultaneously.

The chiropractic industry has made it difficult to get consistent care. Awkward hours, difficult appointment times, non-retail locations, and long appointments make getting care far too inconvenient. NuSpine has fixed those problems. Accessible hours, walk-ins welcome, easy to find retail locations, and quick speed of service make NuSpine the most convenient choice for patients.
The common chiropractic clinic is predictable and, well, common. 45 minute appointments, sterile and cold vibes, and impersonal interactions make going to the chiropractor too ordinary. NuSpine strives to give patients an impressive experience every time!
We aren’t suggesting that other doctors aren’t quality in their care. We are only saying that NuSpine has created operations that ensure quality care to every patient that is dictated on their need for care, not on their insurance policy.
You can see how through a successful business model, an attractive patient experience, and first-class franchise support you’re able to build and maintain a highly successful franchise business and get an above average return on investment!

Ownership Options

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A Top Performing Industry

Takeaways: Franchises work. It’s time we take the chiropractic franchise industry to the next level.

Franchise Industry

One of the fastest-growing industries across all business sectors


Growing quickly because FRANCHISING WORKS!


Franchises generate $1.2 trillion in yearly sales


Chiropractic Industry

One of the most stable and fastest-growing economic sectors in the U.S. and worldwide


The U.S. chiropractic market is currently valued at $1.5 billion


Americans spent $90 billion on treatments related to back pain in the last year


Do You Qualify?

  • We’re seeking people who want to own successful franchises.
  • Our franchisees must believe in our brands and our concepts.
  • We’re not looking to sell stores…we’re looking to partner with smart people who want to build a business together.
  • A minimum net worth of $300K, with liquid assets of at least $100K, is required.
  • Previous business ownership is not needed, but some leadership background is a must.
  • Our potential franchisees must believe in and appreciate the franchise concept.
  • They must understand the restrictions that owning a franchise brings, but also enjoy the freedom from having to figure out all the details of a business, both before opening, and going forward.

“Before running the NuSpine system I was scared to step outside of the box. I was going to find an associate job, put my head down, and follow the status quo. Once I started at NuSpine I saw the incredible potential chiropractors have in a system like this! They’ve helped me grow as a technician, a business woman, and most of all as a doctor. I’m doing greater numbers and helping far more people that I ever thought I would. Made possible by the NuSpine system. I recommend all D.C.s look into it.”

Dr. Heather Zach D.C.

Lincoln, NE

Our Brand Promise to You


Chiropractic franchise Owners deserve investments they can count on. NuSpine’s promise is to pursue excellence in planning for long term growth and sustainability. To remain a leader in the cash-based healthcare industry, and in our communities, through our relationships with our employees and franchisees. Through making health care affordable and accessible to all, NuSpine Chiropractic intends to lead the way. We reward excellence and we always cherish loyalty. We will work with our employees and franchisees to build strong businesses and a secure future.

A commitment to values of hard work, integrity, passion, and generosity is our promise to you. This platform of core beliefs starts with our commitment to our employees and our franchisees. At NuSpine Chiropractic, our mission is to provide a culture and business model that nurtures individual growth for our employees and franchisees, and creates an atmosphere where franchisees succeed and patients get access to quality care. We care about our franchisees and their business, and strive to create a place where they are inspired to grow and succeed. Our relationships with our franchisees are so important.

Your Leadership

Dr. Todd Hedlund

Dr. Todd Hedlund

Dr. Hedlund founded NuSpine Chiropractic in 2013. After opening over 20 successful chiropractic clinics over his 32 year career in the industry, Dr. Hedlund implemented his knowledge of the industry to launch the NuSpine Experience. Dr. Hedlund was CEO’s 1999 Chiropractor of the Year and has Founded and CEOed 2 other multi-clinic corporations.

Aaron Hedlund

Aaron Hedlund

Mr. Hedlund has spent his professional career studying the health insurance industry and has spent the last three years in clinics of all shapes and sizes in order to create the ideal procedure for a successful cash-based clinic. His knowledge and experience in the business of successful practice management provides franchisees with training, consulting and development as the industry continues to evolve.
Ronny Record, Jr.

Ronny Record, Jr.

Director of Operations

Mr. Record has been our Director of Operations since February 2020. Prior to that time, he served as the Co-COO and Vice-President of Development for Sirius Day Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. He served as the Vice President of The Leonesio Group located in Scottsdale, Arizona from March 2016 to December 2016. From June 2014 to March 2016, he was the General Manager for The Amazing Lash Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Justene Chavez

Justene Chavez

Director of Training

Ms. Chavez has been a team member with NuSpine for over a year running the pilot clinic and assisting in the development of systems and training programs. With extensive experience in the NuSpine system, she is an asset to every Area Rep. and Franchisee by providing first-class training.

Your Process: Steps to Success

Submit Form or Call Today

Contact us today via form or call and we’ll be happy to get you all the information you need to start the process toward your own successful business. Fill out an Inquiry Form and a representative will contact you soon. You may also call 402-975-2500 for more information.

Due Diligence

You inquired about franchise opportunities with NuSpine, so let’s get acquainted.  We will schedule a convenient time for us to begin the process of determining a good fit.  We will talk about you experience, motivation, financial ability and what drives you in the business world.  When we mutually like what we hear, you will be asked to complete the NuSpine Personal Profile.

Complete Candidate Application

There are certain things we’ll need to know and the Candidate Application will allow us to learn everything we need to know to help you through this franchising process.  After your first call with us you will receive the link to complete the forms.

Business Overview

When you’ve completed the NuSpine Candidate Application we will schedule a time to review the document and allow us to present the NuSpine Business Overview.  The Business Overview is designed to give you additional detail and help generate questions.  This call may take 1.5 hours and will help us both decide if we’d like to move forward. 

Discovery Day

When we agree that a partnership is a good fit it is time to visit us in Lincoln, NE for a Discovery Day.  this is your opportunity to meet and talk with the executive team at NuSpine and observe a working clinic.  If all goes well, you will be asked to become a part of the NuSpine franchise network and be able to execute the Franchise Agreement!

It's Official!

You’re well on your way to a successful NuSpine Franchise!  You’ll promptly begin working with the NuSpine team to execute the Jumpstart process and get your franchise clinic up and running. 

Contact A NuSpine Franchise Rep Today!

For more information, call today:  402-975-2500

Legal Disclaimers: 1) Your individual earnings will vary depending on your market, the mix of services, how much you spend on marketing, and other factors. 2) This information is for franchise Clinics open at least 12 months and for the full calendar year of fiscal year 2018. 3) This information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of the FDD. Certain states require that we register the FDD. The information in this communication is not directed to the residents of any registration state. We will not offer or sell franchises in any registration state until we have registered the FDD (or obtained an applicable exemption from registration) and delivered the FDD to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law.